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Capital Professional Staffing

The Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts 19 Fortune 500 companies, with over 1$ billion of annual revenues in just privately-held companies alone. From Exxon Mobile to Neiman Marcus, Dallas houses a diverse spectrum of top-name industries, and with this comes tons of employment opportunities. But with such big brands and an ever-growing sector of businesses, a great staffing agency in Dallas is vital to ensuring that every company and every employee finds the right fit for their individual needs. When looking for a top-notch staffing agency in Dallas, TX, it doesn’t get any better than Capital Professional Staffing.

CPS connects the right companies with the right staffing, which seamlessly creates mutually beneficial partnerships between business leaders and possible employees. Furthermore, CPS offers a personalized experience to clients with an attentive and intuitive group of staffing agents. If you’re an employee looking for work, CPS’ experts can widen your skillset and develop your professional resume, placing you with companies that fit precisely what you are looking for. You can pursue your desired career while being assured that you’ll be put with the perfect company, no matter if you’re looking for part or full-time work.

For employer clients, there is no better resource for a staffing agency in Dallas than CPS. CPS finds the top talent in the country and designs a custom recruitment plan catered to your business needs. From temporary staffing, temporary-to-permanent, and completely permanent employment, CPS will connect you with the perfect fit for your company. With CPS, you no longer have to waste time on irrelevant applicants as CPS’ screening process takes note of every single little detail for potential candidates.

Capital Professional Staffing is an independent staffing agency that has no franchise restrictions, allowing them to give every client a personalized and trusted experience, while delivering the best results fast.

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