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Dallas New Businesses Spotlight

More than 5,000 jobs are expected to be brought into Dallas, Texas this year, according to Dallas Inc., and the biggest players in this are brand giants Omnitracs, Santander, and Active Network. The existing companies moving employees to Dallas is a movement that continues to gain momentum each year, giving the best staffing agencies in Dallas a busy first quarter of 2015 already. But even among these big corporate players, small businesses seem to also be on the rise in Dallas and deserve a place in the spotlight this year as well.

From tech start-ups to affordable downtown boutiques, Dallas looks to have an exciting year in the big and small new companies coming to town. Particularly exciting are the new restaurants entering Dallas in winter of 2015, as all different tasting palates are entering the area. For breakfast and brunch lovers, Smoke restaurant is opening up in the Plano area to offer the suburban folks their famous blueberry pancakes. For a delicious lunch stop, Al’s #1 Italian Beef will open its doors in Addison, and for a hearty dinner, you’ll be able to grab a mouth-watering burger at Rodeo Goat in the design district. For late night drinks, a small but eclectically cool micropub called (fittingly) Small Brewpub will make a southern-style entrance to Bishop Arts.

So what does all this deliciousness mean for job-seekers? It’s an incredible opportunity for restaurant workers to find their niche, as all the new eateries are so diverse. Now is the perfect time to pair up with the best staffing agency in Dallas, Capital Professional Staffing, as the chance to find the perfect position is happening right now. Winter 2015 is right around the corner, so teaming up with the experts is an amazing way to be a part of the new revolution of restaurant businesses coming to Dallas.

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